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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the need for enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) in dentistry.  Dental facilities must ensure that PPE is readily available for the safety and security of both staff and patients, and that reusable PPE is properly cleaned and decontaminated between use.


The SureWerx family of brands are among the most trusted for worker safety. We deliver Personal Protective Equipment to those who need it most, and offer a wide selection of products that are critical to the safety and productivity for staff in dental offices across the country.

"Now more than ever, my staff and I are very concerned about the spread of germs throughout the office. Jackson Safety face shields and eyewear have become a part of our everyday use not only to prevent the spread of airborne particles, but also to give our patients an added sense of safety and comfort."

- Dr. Jae Chung, DDS


Notification to Dentistry Workers and Employers from the U.S. Department of Labor. Read More...

CDC Guidance for Dental Settings.

COVID-19 Safety from the ADA Center for Professional Success. Read More...

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