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Airmax Elite PAPR System with WH70 Welding Helmet

Airmax Elite PAPR System with WH70 Welding Helmet

The welding community is fully aware that welding fumes are carcinogenic. Our PAPR system achieves the best in class respiratory protection with TH3 rating. Our welding helmet offers best possible optical ratings of 1/1/1/1 and comfort. An almost unbeatable system. When welders are confident that their PPE is designed with their health and safety in mind they can concentrate on the job at hand, achieving maximum productivity. Ultimate respiratory protection with highest protection factor.


  • Simple control with only one button
  • Operation time up to 10 hours with a new filter P R SL and airflow 160 l/min
  • Adjustable airflow 160 lpm and 210 lpm
  • Constant flow regardless of battery level
  • Audiovisual and vibrating alarm indicating low airflow and low battery charge
  • Ergonomic shape and low weight - only 980g
  • Slim profile of the unit - only 65mm


Lens Variable ADFs:
  • GDS: Shades 4/6-8/9-13 - external grind mode
  • ES: Shades 4/9-13
  • DS: Shades 4/9-13
Filter P R SL
Flow Rate Adjustable airflow 160 lpm and 210 lpm
Battery Life Lithium Ion 8 Hours
Charging Time < 4 hours
Charges Maintains 300 charges of power
Alarms Audible and Vibration
Certification EN 12941 TH3 P R SL
Blower Dimensions L: 228 mm W: 127 mm H: 65 mm
Weight 1,5 kg (blower, filter, breathing hose, battery)
800 g (helmet)
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