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Dial and Level

Dial and Level

The Dial Set Level is an adjustable bubble protractor used with a number of popular Jackson Safety Curv-O-Mark tools, including #4, #6, #7, #8, #20, and #33.  The protractor covers 180 degrees thru 2 90-degree quadrants.  The bubble is cast in the aluminum dial for durability.


  • Made of durable lightweight cast aluminum
  • Reads in 2.5-degree increments
  • Protractor covers 180-degrees thru two 90-degree quadrants
Ordering Number Description
J1881 Pro-Mag Level
J1883 Pipe Flange Aligner
J1891 Dial Angle Flange Level
J1903 Flange Aligner Base
J1904 Universal Level
J1905 Dial and Level
J1906 Centering Pin
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