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Flange Aligner Base

Flange Aligner Base

  • Removes the difficulty of flange aligning and squaring
  • Notched at either end for ease in aligning on the centerline of the pipe
  • Includes two 25-pound pull, cast-in magnets for holder in either a flat horizontal or vertical position
  • Base will accept either leg of a standard or combination square
  • Will work on pipe diameters from 1" on up requiring only the extension on the legs of the square being used to accommodate larger diameters
Ordering Number Description
J1881 Pro-Mag Level
J1883 Pipe Flange Aligner
J1891 Dial Angle Flange Level
J1903 Flange Aligner Base
J1904 Universal Level
J1905 Dial and Level
J1906 Centering Pin
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