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WH70 BH3 Welding helmet

WH70 BH3 Welding helmet

WH70 BH3 welding helmet is a top performer incorporating highest optical standards (1/1/1/1), ultimate PAPR solution (TH3) and 3 years warranty.

  • Aerodynamic design for better fume deflection and a smooth rounded perimeter for increased comfort
  • Protective lenses and ADFs are easily removed to be replaced or cleaned
  • Large viewing area 96x68.5mm
  • Lightweight, 399g w/o ADF
  • Integrated air system, Air helmet supplied with PAPR bag

Features Jackson Safety premium 370 Series Easy Grip-Easy Turn ratcheting mechanism - an industry best!

Code Description Case Content
J9916 WH70 BH3 Grand GDS 1
J9915 WH70 BH3 Grand ES 1
J9914 WH70 BH3 Grand DS 1
J9912 WH70 BH3 for INT 1
J9912 WH70 BH3 for EXT 1
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